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The First Intimate Contact

Posted by hachi8 on Tháng Ba 31, 2009

The First Intimate Contact (Traditional Chinese: 第一次的親密接觸; simplified Chinese: 第一次的亲密接触; pinyin: Dì yī cì de qīn mì jiē chǔ is a 1998 novel by Taiwanese writer Tsai Jhi-hsin (蔡智恆, with pen name 痞子蔡 and userID jht).

Plot summary

The protagonist (who shares the same name as the author) meets and falls in love with a girl, FlyNDance, on the Internet. They eventually meet up in real life and become a couple, going out by day and chatting online by night. After some time together, however, FlyNDance is diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (erroneously translated as erysipelas in the English translation), which symbolically causes a butterfly-shaped rash to appear on her face. The disease proves to be fatal, and the novel ends with the protagonist finding and reading a letter FlyNDance had written for him before she died.

Dolce Vita

Soon after the complete novel was released online, an anonymous Singaporean localisation was written in English and circulated around the Internet under the name Dolce Vita. This version is considerably shorter than the original, and takes place in Singapore instead of Taiwan.


Copyleft from wikipedia


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