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  1. Ẩn danh said

    “All i have to do is dream”- that is a song i received from a person who likes it a lot. I can not care about it’s content, but it’s title show all i want to listen. I know a saying “nobody can tax dreams”. Yes, i always dream, dream about my future that i am able to go somewhere that i like, meet someone that i love, eat some foods that i want, learn something that i do not know. I dream, dream about a man who brings me new feelings about love, and life. Through songs that person give me, films that person wants me to watch i can see his point of view about life. And i want to say that i love that. Because i love that person. Though there are a lot of challenges that can be caused by ourselves, we always try to dream and make dreams come true. And now “All i have to do is dream”

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